Data Set of Line Drawings with Different Stroke Order and Number

by Kazuya Ose and Kazunori Iwata
last modified Mar. 24, 2017

1. What is the Data Set ?

The data set consists of 50 text format files, each of which represents a line drawing of a shape. The line drawings are drawn with a different stroke order, stroke number, and shape scale. Each line of the file is expressed as a vector (t, x(t), y(t)) where t denotes time (milli-second) which has passed from the start of drawing line, and x(t) and y(t) denote the coordinates of point at time t.

2. How to get ?

The data set is free and everyone is permitted to use them. We will accept that you have the freedom to distribute the data set. Before downloading, please understand that we abdicate responsibility for any trouble and any technical support regarding the data set. You must accept this statement to download it.


3. How to use ?

You can visualize a text file of the data set using gnuplot, Drawing Panel, MS Excel, etc.

With gnuplot

When plotting a file "xxx.txt" with gnuplot, launch as follows.

> set yrange [] reverse
> plot "xxx.txt" using 2:3 with lines

With Drawing Panel

Selecting ``Open'' item will plot a file.


K. Ose, K. Iwata, and N. Suematsu, A Sampling Method for Coping with Contours Drawn with an Uncertain Stroke Order and Number, Proceedings of the 15th IAPR Conference on Machine Vision Applications, pp. 438-441, May 2017.

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